Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I got the job!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holiday!!

It's X'mas and we are having BBQ to celebrate the occasion of having everyone at home - not the X'mas event....huahuahua...

p/s : The interview will be this coming Tuesday 29th December at 9.00 a.m...Nervous!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gendang gengut tali kecapi...

The form for the part time tutor post is right in front of me..

I've filled in the details...

It's just an interview..isn't it?

I'm gonna do my best even though I'm very sure that I won't get that post..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Too Fast Too Furious

Life can be cruel sometimes and it is true..

At the moment, I'm not happy with how my life is..

I hate myself..

I hate the choice I've made...

I hate the fact that I've hurt many people I love...

I hate myself...

I hate myself..

I hate myself...

I hate 2009...

2010 please come faster..I need more luck...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nonsense Rambling

Few months ago, my Buench applied for the post of PTD through the SPA website...4 months later he received letter saying he is qualified to sit for the test (mind you there are 3 stages one has to go through before he/she gets the job and it's not permanent, succesful candidates will be offered a contract post before getting the permanent status..and it could take years..)...Alhamdullilah he passed the first stage and has just finished doing his second stage - PAC - today...The PAC took place in Kemaman..and he knows no one there....

I was worried sick because dad doesn't allowed him to stay at my house...erghh...A night before his trip to Kemaman, I've told him not to go for the test and just wait for the teacher post which will be coming out this month...He was against the idea..and we argued...

Why did I've told him such thing? and this is my explanation
He's taking the bus..Night bus - 11 p.m..He'll reach Kemaman by 3 a.m...and it's not safe to be alone at night in Kemaman or anywhere else...I might be wrong, but as far as I know there are lots of not so good people running around looking for extra cash at night..my Buench could get hurt by these people..and I don't want to risk that..

Since our last war...^_^...We made up minutes after the argument..That night (the night I said to him to forgot the PAC) I can't sleep..I'm a thinker so I can't stop being worried about him..

Luckily, he somewhat found someone who can help him the next day..hehehe..I was so relieved...To Mr Zainal..Danke Danke Danke (gerlay = deutch + malay)....That day was my lucky day I think as I found out that I graduated with a better CGPA than I've expected...

Now I have another thing to think of..Since I graduated with a much better CGPA...Mum has been asking me to aply for the tutor post at her workplace(Yes, there's no harm applying for the post, but what if I got it? I can't simply reject it)She said that I'm qualified to be one...The thing is I don't want to be an educator...even if i have to be one, I rather be a primary school teacher than a tutor/lecturer or secondary school teacher...Yes, you get paid very well being an English tutor/lecturer..I know my capability and my limits..I've gone through teaching jobs (though it's just for 3 months) and teaching English is not my forte...I am more confident to teach Math rather than teaching English..Don't ask me why, but I'm not good enough to teach English..I myself don't know why am I qualified to do TESL as my degree...maybe it's because my mom..

My Buench is still in Kemaman right now..another ergh because he is so near but I cant go see him..haiya.....his taking the night bus again for his trip home..This time around the 12 a.m bus..Praying he will have a safe journey home...^_^

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lesson of the Day

Jangan berkira untuk menolong orang yang memerlukan bantuan anda

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cute Wedding Photo

Taken from here

Friday, December 4, 2009

Me Vs Poka

Remember my friend Poka?My close friend..

Well, recently I've removed him from my FB list..Evil Laugh..Why?

It was just because a very silly matter - I found out that I'm not one of the helper in his Cafe World anymore..

Yes..It is silly isn't it? But if you were me..You would do the same thing too..

The first thing that came to my mind when I found out about this is, this must be his GF's job a.k.a removing me from the waiter list..She definitely wants me to be out of her beloved boyfriend life..Sorry girl..I am part of his life and it will remains...

So, Poka,
I know you are reading this..This is the main reason why I removed you from my list...Please..Don't be mad..All the reasons I gave you are still valid..^_^

p/s --> to my beloved Incik Bunch, I love you ^_^

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Before & After


A friend: Apa plan after hbs?
Me: Lepak umah sampai Jun 2010..Cool huh?
A friend: Koa tamao kerje?Duit?
Me: Hmm..Betul gak kan..tapi..aku nak relax2 dulu..nak tido sampai puas...Duit? berjimat2 la dgn allowance yang mak aku bg..huhuhuhu..

After ( 3 days after leaving Shah Alam for good)

Me: Babe!! aku dah tak larat nak duk rumah...
Aw Miaw: Hua hua hua hua hua hua..

Monday, November 30, 2009

I know U are underage..

If i were to choose between Jacob Black and Edward Cullen. I would definitely choose Jacob Black..^_^..Why? it's simpe..I don't like pale guy and a guy who leave me because he thought that's the best thing to do...I like a guy who like me because who I am and will stay to protect me...

Yes, I know there are lots of girl who go gaga over Edward..But,everyone got their own liking..

I'm the type of girl who like the beefy but not too buffy & brownish kind of guy...Huahuahuahua..that's why I chose Jacob instead of Edward...huahuahuahua...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Once, I felt exactly the same as the singer in this video - Wedding Dress by Taeyang (Big Bang).. The feeling was disastrous..I don't want to ever had this kind of feeling again..ever..

Friday, November 20, 2009


Friend comes and goes...

As for me, friends are people we keep and remember...Even if they treated us badly...

During the 66 months of B.Ed TESL, I’m no friendly person – I’m a loner...Lucky I am for these people still wanted to befriend me…

Started the year as a TESL student at Lendu, Malacca all of us move on to Shah Alam to complete our Degree. ..Some survived the pre degree, and some just don’t…

The same goes during degree...It’s either they don’t survived or retreat early..

In the end, only 79 remain…

May the number remain until the day of our convocation this April..

My pre degree friends – Hiezel, Jacque, Tatum, Adiba, Rebecca...Thank you for always helping me during our pre degree year...You know how miserable I am during that time..

My B.Ed TESL – the list of names is endless…Thank you...Thank you for the co-operation, the fun, the times we’ve spent together…

Ex Housemates - Zel, Jacque, Becca, Tatum,Illa and the Rajoo’s…Please forgive me for all my wrongdoing…

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to restart your life? I do..and this is how i feel right now..I hate my life..Wait, that is harsh..hmm..I don't actually hate my life..I just hate the mentality some of people I knew and some of the unfortunate events that have recently took place..

Life should not be seen or perceived negatively - I am not an optimist...But I do try my best to be one..But..sigh...Why must these happened all at once?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

“The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had.”

Poka Tupfen

I have a close friend and I call him Poka Tupfen..We are close and that's all I can say...However, 3 years ago, we had a big fight (i guess so) and we stop calling/texting each other..

Recently, we become close friend again - during the holly month of Ramadan..I like the idea of us becoming friend again..Because for 3 years I've lost the person I would text/call to when I'm bored or need a shoulder to cry on or a person i would get silly with..For 3 years I would cry alone in my bed if I had a fight with Incik Bunch or disappointed with my life, my assignments,my friends and my family...

But then again, life is not that simple..Poka has a special girl and her name is Ash..so, last friday she hacked Poka's FB account..and that's when the problem started..They had a big fight..and it's because of me..

Yes, we are close..so close and most people get confused with the relationship we had..and Ash is one of them...

Yesterday, for 2 minutes, I had this bitchy mind and started posted "If you can't accept the truth, don't ask" as my FB shout out..and that is my most regretted act of that day..

So, within seconds, Ash commented ''this is 2 much''..and right after that her FB chat window pop up on the bottom right of my chrome window...and we started having conversation.."i don't like u" was my first reaction toward her - i don't let her know..her words were harsh,emotional,childish..she has all the hate characteristics i don't want in me..

It was 7.30 a.m and at 9.00 a.m I'll be sitting for my ethics paper..I was sitting in front of my PC chatting with a person who hates me instead of reading for my paper...the conversation was deep..at the end of our conversation, I had many things to think of...

I finished my paper early..But i didn't left the exam hall.. I sat on my desk, digesting all the things Ash has told me..

Ash, I'm sorry...

Poka, I'm sorry...

Poka, there's nothing i can do to help you sort out your problem..I'm sorry I made your life miserable..I'm sorry, I did things you don't not want me to do...I'm sorry is all i can say..

I'm sorry..

If leaving me again, would be the best thing for you..I don't mind...

I will always be here waiting for you....waiting for all your gags and your dream of doing impossible things with me....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Gown

Dress nie memang cantik, atao sebab model dier cantik?

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now

Backbeat the word was on the street
That the fire in your heart is out
I'm sure you've heard it all before
But you never really had a doubt
I don't believe that anybody feels
The way I do about you now

And all the roads we have to walk along are winding
And all the lights that lead us there are blinding
There are many things that I would
Like to say to you
I don't know how

Because maybe
You're gonna be the one who saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall

Today was gonna be the day?
But they'll never throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you're not to do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do
About you now

And all the roads that lead to you were winding
And all the lights that light the way are blinding
There are many things that I would like to say to you
I don't know how

I said maybe
You're gonna be the one who saves me ?
And after all
You're my wonderwall

I said maybe
You're gonna be the one who saves me ?
And after an
You're my wonderwall

Said maybe
You're gonna be the one that saves me
You're gonna be the one that saves me
You're gonna be the one that saves me

Oh Sexual Harassment...

Had lots of fun for the past few days.. Tapi....final drafts for AE kena hantar this monday and still no major progress for my Chapter 4 and Chapter 5...vuvuvuvuvu...bak kata awai " I'm a dead meat"..takpela awai..don't worry, ari selasa confirm keje kao dah kurang skit..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vitamin C

21 days to go...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh Taec Yeon...

"If you love something, let it go
If it comes back to you it's yours
If it doesn't, it never was"

The question is : what if 'it' comes back, and belongs to another person?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Anak Taecyeon


Inila hasilnya jika berasmara dana dgn Taecyon..hahaha..
Click sini jika anda mahu melihat hasil apabila berasmaradana dgn manusia manusia terkenal

Congratulation dear friends...

vvip' S view...
Yesterday, was supposedly be my convocation day...I never thought of it actually, until I read Tawam's FB shout out...Yes...due to my past mistake (is it?) I'm a bit late compared to my other friends..i never regretted all the things i've done during my semester 1& 2 of pre degree....It's a good thing actually for me to go for part 3 pre degree...That was the best time i had for my university life...

My semester 1 & semester 2 Pre Degree was the worst time of my life...Applying for B.Ed TESL is my most regretted decision..Yes..It is true..I will never be good in subjects that requires lots of writing& reading...I applied for Politeknik in the hope, that they would accept me..But it was rejected because i was already being offered with B.Ed TESL..the last choice left was to told my mum, i hate it and want to change to another course...She opposed the idea..Why? cos i always do things halfway....It's me who decided to put B.Ed TESL in the first four choice of the UPU form (hahahahaha)...so, whether i like it or not, i've to suck it in and graduate with B.Ed TESL...

That was 5 years ago...my studies did me good in a lot of things actually..the first would be the language of course..the list continues to friends,experience and the knowledge i got...If i surrendered 5 years ago, i will never have that schemata on everything i've learnt from subjects in linguistic division,education and counseling..

This 5 years is my experimental life cycle...I'm experimenting my self and improving myself in the same time...Yes, i still do regretted the choice i made in the past..but not the learning experience that's resulted because of the 'choice'

To Encik Bunch, Puzel (my happy and bad day friends),my beloved friends from the Lendu's year & German's class.. CONGRATULATION & GOOD LUCK..

Puzel a.k.a Hiezel

Encik Bunch!!

Darina Ibrahim

Monday, October 12, 2009


My first marriage proposal was at 1.30a.m through phone by a person I less expected..

Can u believe it!!I wanted to post it in FB so much..but I can't...it would be such a huge topic amongst my family..most of my closest family members are in my FB list..hence, it would be improper for me post it as my FB shoutout...

O' my god...he was my close friend..what should I do?I hate u!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gbunch, Tahniah!!

Tahniah Tahniah!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2pm + 2am = Abracadabra Parody

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bakat + Kematian

Semoga Roh mu dicucuri Rahmat Yasmin Ahmad
(July 1, 958 - July 25, 2009)

Talent + Death

R.I.P Adam Michael Goldstein
(March 30,1973 - August 28, 2009)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memo Pad Blok Kayu

Cool gila kan? ada tak kat Msia?
found this here

Post Benci Gila

I have a confession... I detest my father's mother, both his sisters, and also one of his twin brother.. WHY? because for nearly 24 years they've been given a verrryyyyy bad treatment toward my mother and my grandmother. From now on..I will only have a Grandmother instead of grandmothers..because, a grandmother will not do insane things she does..AND a family should be a strong institution that help members who are in need...I know what you've been doing nek, and I won't cry for your death..

To my hati gelap gilak aunts and uncle - stop pretending like a pious person cos I know you are not even qualify to stand beside one..

Cousins,other uncles and aunts from dad's side- Thank you for always be there for my mum..

Friday, July 31, 2009

Akhirnya aku berada di tingkat teratas..Hahahahaha...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best dan comel semasa minit ke 1:42--> aksi ketuk botol..hehehe

What will your answer be? Mine? I dont know..
Guess, I'm a person who dont really know what she wants in her life then...
Found this inspiring website here

How Fast Can You Type A-Z?

Ribuan terimakasih kepada Zaim yg telah memperkenal kan game nie..Ya right!!terima kasih sbb aku dah addicted dgn game nie and Ucu dah tao..and now korang asik menduduki carta 2 ke atas..Haiya!!gila laju korang menaip..Nak jadi top scorer!!Please!!!bg la peluang satu malam je..Bila aku dah dpt jadi top scorer, PLEASE jgn Main untuk satu malam jer...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The return of the Laptop

Finally, the laptop is back..since last Sunday..Thank God coz I've time untill next Tuesday for my AE proposal..I have to at least 70% done with the proposal before my trip back to Gombak...So far, the rate is 40% and I still have another 2 days...

Speaking of my studies..Yes!!next sem will be my last semester..But the sad news is, Incik Bunch dah hbs and so does Puzel..aiya..How am I gonna survive Shah Alam without them both...

My schedule for next sem is SANGAT BEST!!!hohohoho..I've no class on Monday and maybe for Friday also..hohohoho..Yes!more time for myself...hohohoho..

Oh..got to focus back on my proposal..Ber and Pot hv started nagging me spending more time on FB and surfing the net rather doing my proposal...

Listening to: Michael Jackson - Dont Stop till you get Enough

Monday, June 29, 2009

M.J Tribute

Song For Michael Jackson


"Better On The Other Side"


[Diddy talking]

I remember the first time i seen you moonwalk,

I believed I could do anything,

you made the world dance,

you made the music come to life

[Chris brown - Chorus]

This the type of song that make the angels cry,

i look up in the sky and i wonder why?

why you had to go, go

I know its better on the other side,

you were chosen from the sky

never gona let you go,

[The Game]

Whos Michael Jackson,

Your Michael Jackson,

Im Michael Jackson,

We all Michael Jackson,

I guess what Im asking is everybody bow their head for a legend dont breathe for a second,

now let the air out, grab the hand of somebody you care about,

so you can hear my message, my confession,

someone tell Usher, i seen the moonwalk, i guess the young thriller touched him, like he touched me, like he touched you,

so carry on his legacy, something i must do, so i trust you lighting candles, concrete visuals, me and my brothers listen to jackson 5 in the living room,

first thing i did when i heard was call puff,

cos him and Mike tried to stop the beef between us,

who was us? Me and fifty, that beef is dead, him and Mike Jackson gonna take us to the ledge.


This the type of song that make the angels cry,

i look up in the sky and i wonder why?

why you had to go, go

I know its better on the other side,

you were chosen from the sky

never gon let you go,

As Im pouring out this liquor candles start to flicker,

when list my air ones, MJ was my nier.

Not the one that play ball, the one with the hollywood star,

and since im a hollywood star im gonna tell you my story,

never had a family that close, never see Barry Gordy walking through interscope,

just like me they always had Mike in a scope,

no matter what you say,

im gonna love him and hes still dope,

let me take you back to 85 when i was in a zone, dancing for my momma thriller jacket with all the zippers on,

now im doing 90 bout to crash in this Aston,

listening to Outcast, Im sorry Mrs Jackson

anything i can ever do to better you your son was our king so we wont Corretta you,

Im writing this letter to all the Jackson kids, we all Jackson kids, time to let us through.


This the type of song that make the angels cry,

i look up in the sky and i wonder why?

why you had to go, go

I know its better on the other side,

you were chosen from the sky

never gon let you go,



Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Legend He always Be

The Late Michael Jackson

I know its late..Yerp, the King of Pop is gone..FOREVER..it's so soon..and i still cant believe that M.J will not be around anymore..I was born in 1986 and basically grew up listening to his music, thanks to Pak Ngah whom is M.J no 1 Fan....But that's what life is..Al-Fatehah to the late Mikael Abdullah a.k.a Michael Joseph Jackson..May Allah will always be with him..Condolence to his beloved...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ber Star Chef in the Making

There are too many thing happening at the moment..Ber (my brother) was shortlisted for the Zen by Secret Recipe STAR CHEF..Since last Thursday went for movies, shopping stuff for Ber's competition and also for myself, helping Ber practicing the dishes he'll make for the competition, and making Amsyar takes his med..

The Ad about the competition

The main dish

The pastry dish


(who can be a real charmer and a pain in the ass)

The competition was held today at Berjaya Times Square...at Berjaya University College of Hospitality to be precise..This is Ber's first time individual cooking competition..His first experience was as a team representing UiTM Penang ..Wishing you all the best, even if you are not selected as the TOP 6, dont be too sad about it because the experience you had that count the MOST..

Today I was given a new nickname 'wanted' by Pot ..With Ah Boon it was because Jealous and misunderstanding issues..But with HS and KR, I dont know..I dont know what have I done towards them that they wanted to treat me like kids..FOR GOD SAKE!! I'm 23 years old!!! can you just tell it nicely what I've done wrong toward you both...Dont just go crazy over me just because it's others fault and you just cant take it the situation..and because of that both of you are giving me the SILENCE treatment...I was tense also at that moment but i dont simply go pour it to others...KR started it yesterday and today it was HS.....Please God..Let it over soon!!

Life's not treating me good lately....sigh...
Listening to: Rihanna ft The Drea - Hatin on the Club

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aching Muscle and I'm HUNGRY

I'm at S.A right now..but its not for long..I'll be staying here until Thursday till then will stay at Nenek's till Tuesday and off to Dungun because Ina has her French tuition on Wednesday..She will sit for her Frech Test on September...alaa...leceh la koa Ina..suh duk kat rmh Ayah Ngoh tamao..

We are here in Selangor because mom has to attend the Convo as the representative of her Fac yesterday and also because she has to present the result of her fac's degree students..

I've been at S.A for 2 days..the reason i'm here because i wanted to clean up my room and pack up the things that i will later have to at the end of the year..i tought i haven't done it but actually i have before i went back to Dungun last April..Haiyo..sia sia jer aku blk S.A..Lucklily Ah Boon hasn't gone back to his home yet..Kalao tak lagila aku bosan..Oh, i think Ah Boon loves my spagethi because he asked me to cook spagethi on our way out to dinner last last night..hohoho...tetiba aku rasa karangan aku cam dak sekolah...

Oh,i've been having these aching muscle since last Sunday...Blame the Tasik Puteri..We went to Tasik Puteri last Friday..Miraclely, i can mandi sungai at last..Sebab, before this i cant - my skin will turn red and become realllly itchy...So, for the first time i can enjoy the funness of mandi sungai..Disebabkan terlalu lama sangat mandi, kulit jadi kendur and senang luka..Tapak kaki kiri tlh terluka yang sangat panjang and dalam - about an inch..so for 3 days saya tempang and that has affected my muscle..Jalan cara yang salah telah mentensekan muscle ku..

I've been up since 8am and havent had my breakfast yet..Lapaaar...okla,till then...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peristiwa Peristiwa Yang Telah Berlaku..

Oh, Gila lama tak update..Laptop sengal nak sakit2 plak.. So, Firstly, Ki a.k.a Abdul Ghani B. Ismail (datuk belah ayah) telah kembali ke rahmatullah pada May 7, 2009 pukul 7.20pg...

Actually, kitorg sefamily suma di Gombak time tue..Smpai Gombak kul 9 mlm May 6th tue, sib baik aku tak gerak g Putra Gombak lg..Kitorg tao arwah dah takder pukul 9pg..Jadinya, trus suh Ina and Luqman siap2 tuk blk Dungun blk..Penat usah ckp la..bdn sengal2 lg alih2 kena blk Dungun blk..Kitorg adik beradik terus berbuat baik2 dgn ayah..hehehe..yer r..kan ayah dier baru meningal..Jadinya kenala amek ati dier...Gerak blk Dungun kul 945 pg, sampai Dungun kul 215ptg...Kitorg blk rumah kitorg dulu untuk makan,solat, mandi and tukar baju (untuk aku)..Dlm kul 3ptg baru pg rmh arwah...

Masa smpai rmh arwah, jenazah tak dimandikan lagi..Percaya tak? Gila pelik la dorang nie..lambat gila...katanya dorang pg gali kubur dulu, pastu br mandikan.tak cukup org kot?..Arwah selamat dikebumikan selepas solat Asar...Lambat gila!!... Nek aku cool gila...tak mcm org hlg laki pun..Walaupun aku tak rapat dgn arwah, nangis jugak la aku tapi tak seteruk masa arwah Tok Man ar..

Oke, then Hari Ibu..So, Happy Mother's Day kepada Pn.Siti Hajar Wan Muhammad...Ni gambar aku baru jmp...Besar kan dahi aku?

Selepas itu Birthday ayah aku plak..So Selamat Ulangtahun yang ke 54 ,Lelaki paling Handsome.. t aku upload gmbr cake dier...

Selepas itu Hari Guru plak..Jadi, Selamat Hari Guru kepada Semua Guru2 Malaysia dan juga kepada mak aku..

Sehari selepas arwah meninggal, suma orang dlm family aku start sakit except aku...Gila penat aku menjaga suma orang..dahla aku masak tak laku..terasa aku..aku sorang jer yang tak demam panas..Nasib baik...Ahad lepas baru suma orang betul2 jadi sihat..Alhamdullilah..

Mlm semalam dapat tengok fireworks live dari rumah aku..rumah aku walking distance je dgn Dataran Merdeka Dungun tue, so malam tadi ada perasmian Pertandingan Tilawah Al-Quraan Peringkat Negeri Terengganu...Best o bunga api tue..Terus berlari ke luar rumah nak tgk..Hbs Merlin aku...

Yes! Akhirnya penjualan Rumah KDSK tue dah settle, so skang tinggal nak tunggu duit masuk ja..cepatla masuk..Boleh mak and ayah beli tanah and buat rumah baru...aku dah tak nak duk rumah skang nie..aku rasa rumah aku nie berhantu la...Betul wei..aku tak tipu...

Nilah rupa rumah Dungun..Gambar ni di amek sehari selepas pindah..
Oke..Cukup sampai sini..Tschus!
Listening To: Yuna - Cinta Sempurna

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nia Bean

Nia yang menari cam Mr.Bean

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Oke..its been confirmed that i'll be doing this topic as my Academic Exercise - Sexual Harassment Awareness Among Secondary School Students..

For my Research subject (mid 2008), I came up with this -Video Games Role in Primary School Students' Second Language Acquisition, as my proposal..Cool topic ha? But I've decided to change it to the present title..Why the hassle? it's because I'm too lazy to find respondents for the Topic..If i proceed with the SLA thing Ive to find three lower secondary students who owned PS2 at home, live in rural area where the use of English is very minimal..So, where the hell am i going to find that kind of respondents..My hometown doesn't cater that kind of kids...And then I've to interviewed them,observe them do questionnaire..Its a lot of work man...Also, i dont want Dr. Richard or Prof Hazad as my AE supervisor..That's why i've to waste my interesting proposal...

After consulting my mom what topic should i do for my AE, i finally agreed to do the Sexual Harassment...Hohoho..by the end of this semester break, I will be a PRO regarding all type of Sexual Harassment..Yeay!!

oh..notin much done today..lazyin around..I didnt even cooked today because today is the Pasar Malam day..hohohoho....Life is good...^_^

Listening to: T.I ft J.T - Dead and Gone

Oh Dungun...

Yes..saya kini berada di Dungun..a better place compared to Seri Iskandar, Perak..but still, rasa rasanya, Seri Iskandar lg best..at least dari segi pembuangan masa di dalam bus..^_^...
Shah Alam --> Dungun = 8 Hours, Shah Alam --> Ipoh = 3 Hours saja..

Duduk dlm bus selama 8 jam mmg satu event yang sangat tak seronok..Ha!! sejak tahun 2009 ni, everytime aku blk Dungun dgn bus, sure akan mengalami satu simptom pening2,loya2 dan sakit badan..adakah kerana saya telah meningkat usia? oh!!! TIDAK!!! hahaha..tuela..gelakkan lagi org yg kena mabuk naik bus..

Tapi..event menaiki bus sahaja kot yang tak ku gemari..Dungun itself is best..fresh seafood, sayur kampung yg murah, makanan yg pelik2 dan sedap,pantai yang cantik, bakery yg best dan taman rekreasi yang sgt dekat dgn rumah..

apart from that, ada juga yang tak ku gemari....haha..the visit to ehem2..hahaha...me n my sibling sgt bosan everytime we've to go there... why should we?d others takder pun buat?and then mom will reply mcm nie " takper,biarla kalao orang lain tak buat, itu kan darah daging awak jgk" oh? darah daging yer?oke..takperla..sukati..when the time comes..i wont step my foot there anymore..for the time being, sila bersabar dan lakukan dgn seikhlas hati..sigh..i just dont like the way some of them treated my mom..oh mak..kenapa anda sgt baik..

oh..apa lagi r..o ya, telur penyu masih ada..menurut kata peniaga telur penyu..telur-telur penyu yang dijual adalah telur penyu yang takkan menetas..jadi ianya adalah legal untuk dijual..mengapa tak dpt menetas telur tue?oh, saya pun tak tao la..nak tahu berapa harga sebiji telur penyu? harganya adalah RM4 sebiji..itu harga tahun lepas..tahun nie tak taola berapa plak..anyone mao rasa bgtao jala..nanti aku tlg belikan..

till then..tschus!

sila nikmati video dibawah..dorang mmg kelakar..mmg nampak cam orang gila..tapi best..haha...


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih Sedih 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Miss Capucine - Once Upon A Time...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

F**K You very much la!!

Dituju khas kepada org yg tlh berjaya menyakitkan hati aku...Aku tetibe mimpi die plak mlm td..sengal la!!!...Lagu nie bkn untuk incik Shah Bunch

This song is by Lily Allen

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jangan Putus Asa

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sape suruh cari PASAL..

It's your fault and your LOST! I hate YOU!!

Taken from here

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rockers Poyo...Sila Berhenti Poyo...

Gua salute sama ini guitarist!!Way to go man!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Party Maklang, Nia, and Amsyar..

Last Saturday, acu n ucu buat birthday party for nia and amsyar..it was meant for a surprise party for mak lang jgk..tp d surprisiness (does dis word exists?) dah takder sbb dah terkantoi cake dgn mak lang..ramai org datang, org kampungla iaitu kawan2 nenek..kawan2 acu,ucu,mak lang and aku tak ramai yg dpt datang..the best part of the party was the clown and the balloon he made for guests..free flow dow...bnyk gila..overall bday party mmg sgt menjadi..preparation untuk party ni acu wat since last december..bygkan la betapa lamanya nak prepare..invitation card ada dlm 2 form - gif (online) & card (snail mail)...suma yg dtg dapat goodie bag..the men dapat notebook gmbr nia n amsyar & mini cupcake and the women dpt magnet peti sejuk gmbr nia n amsyar n mini cupcake...goodie bag bdk2 lg la bnyk brg..ada mainan dinasours yg bnyk,choki2,lolipop,balloon,balloon buih,mini cupcake, keropok,biskut coklat...mmg teliti la plan tuk bday party nie..aku tak sabar nak tgk mcmana wedding aku nanti..sbb acu tlh officially been hired by me to be my wedding planner... oh ya..acu ku seorang grafik designer...jadi beliau mmg kreatif and rajin wat benda2 alah mcm nie..

The cakes..Novelty cake tue lg best dari SR..

Monday, April 6, 2009

My last day as a trainee teacher...

I'm too bz to type..let the pictures do the talking..

Danke Schon!!korang mmg best...

Dorang mmg best....tp aku ttp tamao jadi cikgu..

Sila ignore hal muka aku dan icing..Elle pny kerje..

1A boys yg time party pun sbuk wat kerje rmh..alasan? sbb nak kuar main..

1A students..Korang mmg best la!!

1KAA & Mentor - Datin Che' Huslina yg rajin..Eh, ada Ivy plak terselit..

1A students & cikgu2 yg best. Pn Rohaya, Pn Fiona and Kak Nor Cantek..

Bersama Akak2 Kantin & Penyelia Petang.

Listening to: Timbaland ft Nicole - Scream

Friday, April 3, 2009


Argh..tetibe rasa sedih plak..esok last day kat sekolah...argh!!
tamao la sedih2...

Listening to: Jason Mraz - If it Kills me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Si confident

adui...confident gilak..

Bestnya..nak jgk mcm nie..

Celebrate Love: Fuad+Faeza from Manggis TV on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


My students will be getting this on my last day at skool..design by me with acu's help..tak sabar nie nak bg dorang..badge akan siap april 1st..sib baik rmai yg order..jadi murah la jugak membayarnya..oh..saper2 yg nak order badge bleh la tny aku...acu aku wat bisnes Badge..hehe

oh cepatla datang ari Jumaat..tak sabar nak hbs training...


Cepatla datang hari Jumaat...
dah tak sabar nak habiskan training nie..
dah tak nak jadi cikgu dah..

Hanim's Wedding

Semalam...kami (saya n incik shah) pergi perak..balik hari...semata2 untuk wedding hanim..alhamdulilah ramai yg hadir..mini reunion kami..hehehe...