Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memo Pad Blok Kayu

Cool gila kan? ada tak kat Msia?
found this here

Post Benci Gila

I have a confession... I detest my father's mother, both his sisters, and also one of his twin brother.. WHY? because for nearly 24 years they've been given a verrryyyyy bad treatment toward my mother and my grandmother. From now on..I will only have a Grandmother instead of grandmothers..because, a grandmother will not do insane things she does..AND a family should be a strong institution that help members who are in need...I know what you've been doing nek, and I won't cry for your death..

To my hati gelap gilak aunts and uncle - stop pretending like a pious person cos I know you are not even qualify to stand beside one..

Cousins,other uncles and aunts from dad's side- Thank you for always be there for my mum..