Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yeay! July will start tomorrow!!..What excites me most are my birthday and the happy day are just days away..Kurpeus,take note...i want better gift than what you've given her last March...first stage of happy day tak dikira as my birthday present ye because it will only be held middle of July - gelak evil..

So,so far..Life is treating me good..No more crying in the middle of the night..^_^..and I'm now planning my happy day..Yeay!no fix date yet but yes,it will be just days away...ah!bahagia!^_^

Yeay!tomorrow is the first of July and I still have a job..Alhamdullilah...will teach better and with a more relax mind..^_^..Last semester was a disaster for me...I don't know what to teach..Luckily only 3 students failed my subject..somehow it shows that, ''Hei darl, you can do this job..Just be calm,relax and don't stress out yourself''..

I'll start my M.Ed class this July 9th..but hey, due to my future plan..have to skip one day in one of the weekends in nervous...

man..have to start be more focus,and a time manager..Luckily I only have 4 days of working day..Yeay!I love my workplace...muahahaha..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are just couple of weeks away to make it official..


Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 22,2010

The TOP GUN...Cool ride!this is less freaky than the ferris wheel..
The ferris wheel..super freaky..

The view from ferris wheel
Kurpeus..sorry..u look so much like a jantan gatal in this..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

one step closer...


will make a scrapbook as a remembrance of it..


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Safia Ibrahim is never as happy as she is today..

It feels like living a fairytale life..seriusly


Everything is going in a great unexpected path..

never did it occur to my mind to be as happy as I am today, 2-4 months ago

Allah..Please let this happiness stays forever and decades...

Yes..through out the journey to this state of happiness, I did lose..But I think, Allah has given me lots of better things...


Monday, June 21, 2010

13/6/2010 - Cameron kembar bukan kembar yang sudah remaja..muahahaha

13/6/2010 - Short trip to Cameron Highland..Strawberry plucking..huahuaha..

13/6/2010 - Si beruang dan la konon...

13/6/2010 - dinner at the so not tasty food court..penuh gila orang..

13/6/2010- Meet the Parents..

14/6/2010 - McD Lumut..kawin2 talk with Najwa and Amy..

We've been friends since we were still sweet 16..she's getting married..Yeay!

17/6/2010 - The Curve with the family..Prince of Persia and did some shopping..wee ^_^

19/6/2010 - Master registration and went to U-KISS!ME greet and meet session..damn cool sebab the tix were free...went with Kurpeus,Mak Lang and Ber

Luckily he ended up liking it..hohoho..

U-KISS and their sexy moves

hero hindustan yang kini juga suka KPOP..muahahaha

me..KPOP fans since September 2009..Thank youla Tehzu..kekeke

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suddenly missing my USJ 4 students..
oh dear..It's been a year..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

omgosh...May and June seem like wedding and engagement months..I suddenly being rained with invitation for wedding and sudden engagement news..

So what ticks me for this post?Just a few minutes ago, I received news about two of my classmates during the B.Ed..both of them are males..and YES! they are getting engaged..One was my b.ed classmate..the other one was my pre-degree classmate..oke..the pre-degree hasn't graduated yet..and he has asked the girl's hand for marriage..wah!sgt bagus la kao!..oh..sangat teruja dengan decision dia to be engaged/commited to the girl before getting a job..salute la!oke..the truth is..I was shocked when i heard their engagement news..these 2 guys are party people and their decision to get hitch early sangatla patut dipuji..never occurs in my mind they'l decide to get hitch this early..bagusla kamurang!!sangat bagus!

When is mine?can i say, i prefer to skip the engagement part and want to NIKAH terus..less hassle and money,energy,emotion saving..don't you think?

Baby dearie..cepat cepatla siapkan thesis awak tue..saya dah tak sabar nak shopping barang tuk kawin...nak plan hal know the real reason why I wanted to get hitch fast kan?so?be quick darling..^_^

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i'm going off for a week..finally, the long awaited family holiday..blurgh..itu pun sebab ada hal kena settle di Perak..if not,confirm tidak akan ada..and we will just spend few days di Gombak..hohoho..registration for M.Ed is next a future M.Ed student?dang..macam tak sesuai je.

Oh, a week without Mr.Kurpeus?will I survive?will have to wait...

p/s--> in awe with those who can cope with long distance can't kot..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

mari mencari tiang letrik warna hijau!
jumpa suda!yeay!

hampir tiba ke destinasi

dah gelap..mari pulang..

gaya seorang yg terer memanjat slipery rock

muka puas hati

Friday, June 4, 2010

we've been parted not more than 4 hours and i've started missing him..


happy day,please come faster..

i don't want to count the days nimore..
i want to:
move on - check
start a new life -check
masih excited dengan gambar-gambar konvo...hohoho..

yes!saya nampak lagi muda dari dia..hohoho