Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We are officially done with the headache of wedding preparation....O yeah!
everything went well I suppose for our sambut menantu reception,despite minor-there-and-there ex housemates came and I have new frens now...muahahaha..
Ive been spending days and days at KB since last friday..and I'm yet still don't know when will we be going back to our own nest a.k.a dungun..I somehow have started missing the things I left at dungun...

Well,speaking of Machang..Hubby got through for the second interview..and I'm still waiting for the exact date for the second interview..The dean of the faculty I'll be attached to later was not free on the supposed date for the second interview..hmm..I might not be going to the second interview kot..

O yeah,pregnancy..It's already in its 7th week and I'm started to have the loyaness and ewness on certain foods...I can't stand d smell of any type of gulai and am I going to survive here in KB?It seems like every house I went to for the post sambut menantu must hv curry or gulai as one of the dishes...huhuhu.

The in laws are great and so does the relatives...Alhamdullilah..^_^

currently craving for Nasi Lemak.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Alhamdulillah..I'm pregnant..
Yeay!for that, Ive gained 3kg..T_T.
yeay!new shoes and clothes!