Thursday, December 29, 2011

no offence..but seriusly..Ombak Rindu sangat membosankan..Tak best pun!I've read the novel usual,the original manuscript wins!o yeah!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Malam ni memang banyak yang nak diutarakan..adakah ini akibat enam ulasan rencana akademik yang dilakukan sepanjang minggu ini?oh mungkin juga..

Trend zaman skarang adalah untuk menamakan anak-anak dengan nama-nama cool yang tidak bercirikan kemelayuan dan keislamanan..hahaha.adakah saya paku dulang paku serpih,cakap orang dia pun lebih?

Oh bukanlah begitu..cuma,saya cukup tidak gemar melihat nama-nama seperti alehandra,qistina,daniel,amanda,isabella....oke..senang cite,common names yang banyak digunakan oleh agama lain..Nama2 yang mempunyai pengaruh dan ciri2 agama lain memang saya cukup tidak gemar....hmm...cume,entah ye..bukankah lebih bagus if anak2 itu dinamakan dengan nama2 sahabat nabi2,isteri nabi2 ke..aish..siapalah saya untuk mengutarakan hal ini..tapi ingatlah,nama melambangkan keperibadian..dan nama akan dibawa sehingga ke akhirat kelak..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The last time I had my facial was during my 4th months of pregnancy...The blackheads have been having fun-time on my nose for nearly a year..So,I went for a facial at around 3pm..

The place where I had my facial, was having a demo for one cosmetic range..The demonstrator told the women that their range has been in the market for 10 years and is famous in KL and bla bla bla...As any other demonstrator would do,the woman in charge told that the skin range she demonstrated will make one's skin moists,removes all the whiteheads and one will not have to wear any foundation..How did I hear all these interesting facts?The salon I went was a small shop (they are very nice and good)..They only have one room for the facial..So the bed next to me was used by the demonstrator..Those who are interested will get their face done for free..Done here means she washed the face,did some analysis on skin type, scrubbed,put on toner,moisturizer and UV cream..

I don't have any bad perception on local brand or believe that expensive skin range will guarantee one's skin to be better and flawless. I always believe that, to get a great skin you must work hard for it - it is for me..Experience taught me that if I drink enough water and exercise, my skin condition will improve. Other than that,my skin will glow whenever I am happy,get enough rest,eat healthy and drink the smelly snakehead (haruan) essence...

Ever since I quit my job and become a full time house wife part time weekend student..I don't wash my face with the facial cleanser,I don't wear any moisturizer and practice the old skin regime (day cream,night cream)..I only wear my vit e cream occasionally, whenever I feel like I want to be pretty..hahaha..I was sure that the kakak will give me bad comments about my skin..Surprisingly, she didn't..In fact she told me that I have great skin minus the blackhead..oh bangga sekejap tao!..but again,this proves that, when you go for au natural way like I did (not relying on any skin range), it helps...rasa rasanyala..Don''t overuse your skin range..Chemical will worsen the condition of your skin..minimalize the use of chemical on your face and Insyaallah it will make you look younger..^_^

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dungun has been hit with the worse rainy season in 50 years..The waves is so strong that it affects the condition of the beach..part of the road along the beach is now left with one lane only (that was as for yesterday, today I don't know)...Mum,dad and Ina went to check the wave just now,they said it was big and there's no sign of slowing down...Hopefully,it won't be for long....

'Umar and Aisyah are now 6th month...Nothing extraordinary done to celebrate their 6th month of life..We just went out to check the condition of the beach je since mummy wanted to see the beach...aish,tengok dari kamera je mana cukup..bibik sampai sudah tak berani nak ikut..tahpaper ntah...Hubby's in the house..o yeah!!

pic credit:wikipidea

Dulu Hana Tajima, tak lama lagi Dian Pelangi la take place...

They are blessed with great looks and that's why girls are following their trend..If Tajima and Pelangi look like shrek when they don their hijab, will girls follow them?I don't think so...If the dresses/clothes/attires Tajima and Pelangi put make their body look ugly,will they become the trendsetter?I don't think so..

What I'm trying to say here is,people with good looks will always look good in whatever they wear. As for the ugly one (I'm one of them), we've to look and consider many things to make ourselves look pretty....nevertheless, young peeps..please be the real you..I'm tired of seeing girls with malfunction muslim attire..Annoying la..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I can't wait for February..hopefully it will be a new start for US..
I still have another 4kgs to get back my wedding weight....auuum!!!
and 7kgs for my ideal weight...
'Umar & Aisyah,cepatla jadi berat lg and reti berpegang kuat so mummy can use u guys as the plates for mummy's dumbbell..haha

Monday, December 19, 2011

I've watched 'Catched me I'm in Love" and I fell in love with Gerald Anderson..muahahaha

To whom it may concern:

When I saw this 16 years old picture of Hugh Jackman ,
It reminds me of you..and the smile u had over my stupid jokes..
Thank you..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I feel like losing hope..
everything didn't go the way I want it to be...
But I won't...
I have a great husband..
adorable funny kids..
and supportive family..
I have to be strong..
Super Strong!

Monday, December 12, 2011

hubby has gone for Skudai..again..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My small family has been blessed with another blessing...
But, due to my health reason, LDR with TH,and commitment to 'Umar & Aisyah..We've to pass it..
May we be blessed with the same blessing again in the future...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Umar and Aisyah's playmate, Hakeem..Hakeem is the son of my ex-colleaque, and his father was TH's ex-schoolmate...It is indeed a small world.
My Precious.....

Allah has answer all my prayers..

Friday, November 25, 2011

'Umar's godfather is getting married on January 8th..Yeay!a chance for me to visit TH at Skudai..well, did I mention that 'Umar is named in respect to TH's bestfriends - Umar and Miqdam...And Aisyah's last name is quite similar with TH's last name - Bazli , Bazilah..Well well..the next baby I want to have my best fren's name and my name on them..haha..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I just had some small talk with mum while comforting 'Umar who is sick. I told her about the call and how I am surprise with myself for not being sad or dissapointed about it. I'm also relieved to know that mum is ok with the fact that I didn't get the call. She too has the same view. I should enjoy the time that I have now to be with 'Umar and Aisyah as once I have a real job, this would be a luxury moment or something that I crave for..and is not as easy as it used to be for me and TH..but I guess, this will be the phase where we will reminiscence most.

I know, this isn't for long..We've been pampered too much and this is just Allah's way to teach us that LIFE isn't always about getting what you want..Life is a roller coaster and rainbow will not always be there for you..

'Umar demam...Ikan sepat biru TH pregnant kot..and assignment masih tak siap...oh empangan..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Di musim tengkujuh macam sekarang, memang best bila ada TH..haha..
One of my friend received the 'call' that I've been wanting to receive since I deliver 'Umar and Aisyah..Well, I didn't get any..and SURPRISINGLY! I didn't feel sad nor heartbroken for not receiving it..though deep in my heart I want it..I know that Allah has planned greater things for me and HE knows that I'll be in even stress state of mind if I have the 'call'..
This video makes me want to lose weight.....It reminds me of TH...memang takde kena mengena langsung pun since he has the hindustan looks instead of korean....

I'm Your Man by 2PM

Song of the Day

Someday by UKiss

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TH has left for Skudai..well well well, after one week together cam orang baru kahwin, letting him go sangatla menyedihkan...T_T..But what to do, this is what we've to sacrifice in exchange of a better life and future - Insyaallah...

I'm pretty much a homemaker+part-time Masters student now..Though,it is just a day class, people must've thought that I have plenty of times to do my assignment..O my O my, you are absolutely wrong...With two babies in tow,I've to sneak and ask help from my youngest sis to take care of them both..Or is it because I failed in time management?Aiyak!

I think I should start update this daily like I used to...Last year,it was pretty easy for me to come up with 4-5 pages of academic essay..Skarang ni, adui..Otak beku sudah..

As for my precious darlings, 'Umar & Aisyah are no longer need help untuk meniarap..Oh mereka sungguh besar...I've also started feeding them with pureed banana,dates,raisins or any other available fruits in the fridge..Tapi bukan in quantity yg banyak pun..The amount that I gave them tu macam celah gigi I je rasanye..Last night I steamed some spinach and pureed it - budget untuk menjadi healthy la sangat because eversince Raya Haji I ate cam garbage..Since it's purely spinach without any salt, I gave it some to Aisyah..hahaha...she made funny face and tride to spit it out..adeih..siannyela Aisyah...My mum menjerit when she saw me giving the pureed spinach to her granddaughter..katanye I menyeksa Aisyah because it looked like cow dung...Tapi memang pun..because I didn't put any salt in it, it tasted cam ugh skit...hahaha..

I can't wait for their 6-Month Birthday, sebab by then I can start make baby food for them seriously..sekarang ni cam boleh bagi buah buah je..tak berani lagi nak bagi bubur or nestum ke since they are premature babies...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Umar and Aisyah are now 4 months and many days....Both are playful and cheekish...cepatnye masa berlalu..rasa macam they are still kicking in my tummy...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Heart,
be patience for awhile
it's just another phase of life
futhermore it's not going to be for long..

Monday, October 3, 2011

'Umar & Aisyah are now 3 months and 1 week old', but mind u that they were born five weeks early...So far,both of them have started to like to respond to others, specially my mum..'Umar is chattier than Aisyah..And he is the physical type of person..'Umar can't stop moving his legs and hands - be it when he's excited or in his calm mode..It's funny to see him with his funny movement...Aisyah on the other hand is the observant... She's very calm to the point that she can stay still for a long period of time....Both of them have started showing their own personalities and both are the opposite of each other.. What more can I say, they are now the main entertainment of the house...Ever since I have them,they've become my entertainment and stress reducer..whenever I feel like crap, all I have to do is to kiss them both...

My masters class has started..As to date, the lecturer for the first subject has agreed to have class for one day perweek je i.e 9 hours of lectures cramp into one day..Yeay, I don't have to be apart from 'Umar and Aisyah..Hopefully for the next two subjects the schedule will be the same..

Hubby will leave for Skudai this Sunday...TT__TT...His PHD offer letter has finally arrived..TT__TT..This Sunday will be the start of our Long Distance Marriage (LDM)..Eventhough I hate to let him go,but for the sake of his career and our family, I have to let him go. jugak...Hopefully LDM will make our relationship stronger and he becomes the old him..Hahaha..after we are married, there're less cheesy messages coming from him..I'm crossing my fingers,so that when we are apart, I'll get my cheesy messages moment back..muahahaha..

I still have'nt started working yet..biasala,part time full time punye keje kan..kenala tunggu bila ada keje baru bleh masuk keje I wish I have permanent job so I can have definite income coming in every month to be spent happily..muahahaha...depending on allowance from hubby is no fun..T_T...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I wish I will stay the same forever..

I wish I will not be ugly like you do now so that you will hate me more...


Friday, September 16, 2011

US + 'Umar & Aisyah, a year after the big day ^_^

Monday, August 22, 2011

when will i get my before-pregnancy weight again?
when oh when..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Umar & Aisyah

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2010 was a good year..
apart from the twins..
2011 is pretty much a test from ALLAH..
to see how good I am to cope with the new responsibility and the lackingness on the financial side..
Hopefully,2012 will bring in more good news,opportunities and happiness....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Umar & Aisyah

Alhamdulillah, I am now a mother to a set of healthy twins - Umar & Aisyah..
both were born through C-sect procedure on June 26th,2011 due to premature birth +baby cord prolapse + slow fetal heart, I kinda have missed the real mum experience - the joy of giving birth naturally or holding your own baby right after he/she was born..I got to see my dearest Umar & Aisyah only a day after they were born and got to hold and breastfed them 2 days after that..nevertheless,Alhamdulillah everything was oke and praise to Allah again for every blessing and happiness HE has poured onto me and my big family after the arrival of Umar & Aisyah...They make everyone happy...

Monday, May 16, 2011

I can no longer fit into my big baju kurung...T_T..the time has come finally for me to look for the pregnant lady dress for real...I'm trying very hard not to buy one.....I want dresses that are made from cotton because I found the lycra material doesn't compliment my far I've two dresses-chic and pretty..Both are beach dresses actually, but since it can fit me, it doesnt matter...well,it seems like I have to but new dresses every week..

As for the arrival of the twins, we've bought most of their stuff...But the best part is their crib-it's's eldest brother is very good with wood and steel so we've asked him to custom made a twin baby crib for us...The only thing left is the stuff that will be used by me during my stay at the hospital...Oh,speaking of hospital, both of us have agreed to have government instead of wise and the specialist is at the government hospital..Terengganu lacks on O&G specialist and good private why spend our hard earned money if we can get it at a cheaper price?Im praying hard so that when the time comes, there'l be first class ward available for me..

My tummy is so big and the twins are very active..If one look closely, they'l find that my tummy isn't round - it doesnt look round,it got rectangular shape also..oh, pic above is the was taken last week..a post bday celebration for my mum,didi and Jang..^_^

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

having a hard time marking students' scripts..T_T

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

me at 25 weeks..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Truly urs at 23 weeks & 6 days @ Hanania & Amsyar's Birthday Party...

people keep saying I've a small tummy considering there are two inside it...

Hubby went to watch qualifying race with dad hence answering why he is not in the pic..they got Grandstand tix worth RM2.2K for free..terus tue ayah ajak menantu kesayangan pergi..and both of them wore pink T-shirt okeih!...macam kumpulan Jambu je jadi..nevertheless, both of us had great time..He with the F1 thingy and I'm with the party..

Today is our 1 year anniversary!O yeah!!^_^ celebration though..both of us are too busy with our work..adeh..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One week left!
o yeah!
This semester is definitely the most tiring semester of all...adeh...
I can't no longer fit into my old clothes - the one that I wear when I was not pregnant...
My belly is huge and round...

Friday, April 1, 2011

1 year ago, at approximately near 7 p.m my prince charming texted me for the first time and that was the start of my true happiness..^_^ Today,after a year, he still texts me and sends me cheesy messages...^_^..eventhough I hope to have it everyday...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I used to hate and envy u, but now after seeing u in person and your new photo, I guess I'm much better than you wonder you hate me and curse me with many hideous thoughts..

but seriusly, didn't you go look yourself in the mirror first?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

we could be expecting for identical twins -girls...hooray! any gender would still be a hurray for both of us..hehehe... ^_^

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM result is out..and my youngest brother,Popot gets 7As and 2Bs...he's the brainiest of the family...that's why he gets better result than me- I did superbly bad for my SPM....muahaha...Ina is brainiest too..she'll get better result lagi kot as she's more hardworking than Popot who is more laid back..

He still has a long journey ahead of him, but I bet it'll be a great one as compared to mine..May he gets to further what he wish for...but this sister of his superbly wants him to apply for pilot licence..muahaha...ada udang sebalik batu oke...nasib baik it's one of his list..what ever he applies for is oke for long as he does it according to his interest and not because of others..He's a great kid with great creative mind..and I don't want it to get wasted..

Luqman, may you have a great fun student life and great future...and cepat2 la jatuh hati dengan perempuan and mengorat...aku tak sabar nak tengok pilihan hati kao..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is how I was when I was 20 weeks and 3 days..

Monday, March 21, 2011

I have deactivated my Facebook account..It suddenly occurred to me that it brought in more negative influence than positive.. and I don't find it as a medium to reach for my friends anymore..Truth be told, I think Facebook has changed me and most of us into a stalker and great mami-jarum..Apart from that, I just don't have the time to log in and update my profile anymore...I don't upload photos or update my status...Someone has told me that Facebook has the power to wake the riak&takbur monsters in ourselves (a muslim term for someone who like to brag and show of)..It is true..don't you think?

So, I don't know how long will I deactivate my account..It could be for a short period of time or for forever..unless there's a need for me, I will activate it again..but I think I would just come up with a new account..the old one is filled with too many not so important people...IF I ever gonna have a Facebook account again, I will make a new one and this time around it's going to be superbly exclusive - it is for close friends and family members je..

oh,I've started to feel the babies' kick..sangat excited..They usually start kicking after Maghrib...hehehe...
I dreamt about that thing again...
I don't like it because I don't want it to come true...
Dear Allah, please don't make it come to life...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even though I don't have any relatives or friends who live in Japan..The catastrophe that have fallen upon them is indeed heartbreaking..It is sad..and all I can do from afar are to pray for Japan and hope that everything will go back to normal ASAP - even though I know it'll take them years and years to build back the things they have lost..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today marks our 6 months journey as husband and wife...^_^
May we get to celebrate more anniversaries together ..
I love you to death!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

too stress out with the unnecessary work that I've to do in which is actually not my responsibility and assignments in which the mark weighting superbly unbelievable considering the time given to complete it..

The lecturer must have been confused..adeh..the best thing is,the lecturer didn't want to accept any excuses..even though we've provided him/her with a very constructive reason - not one,but many okeh.....adeh..kitorang jumpe koa setiap minggu kot,and it's for 5 weeks je..not twice a month macam students kao yang lain...

stressssssss.....i want my tongkat ali coffee...but I can't have it since I'm pregnant...


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm too occupied with my life..adui..dunia dunia..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

After the subuh prayer, I was shocked with a very sharp pain in my lower abdomen..It was so painful I scream like its nobody business..The first pain lasted around 5 minutes the same goes with the second shock..there's a 10-15minutes rest in between it, ...luckily the doctor said it's nothing and the twins are as active as they usually are...both are in similar size..with one twin more clear visually than the other..hubby said the hidden one will be the most cheekiest and mischievous..

So far, we haven't bought anything for the twins yet..will do so when the twins in their 24th week kot..For the time being,we are still saving every penny we have for the twins and preparing the room for the twins to stay.they'll definitely going to sleep in the same room with us, the different is we are moving to the room one level lower..Considering that I'm becoming lazier to climb up the stairs and this is for my own good bila dah membuyung and berpantang,bilik bawah is the best solution....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

we've been blessed with many things..and maybe this is Allah's way to let us know that we can not get everything we want in instant...all we have to do now is to be patience,pray more and hope everything will turn out just fine for our little humble family...

this is a tough week..2 of our relative have just past away and many bad events have come up lately..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I don't like being apart from my husband for many days and nights...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I freakingly super in LOOOOOOVVVEEEE with my husband..^_^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

O yeah!I've finally found my phone...
and I'm becoming too sensitive..aish..this is sooo not me..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bruno Mars is coming to town..and he's expected concert is on April 4th,2011..Is it possible for me to be part of the event?
ala...nak pergi..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I've lost my phone..adeh!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ever since we've known that we are expecting twins, my belly has started growing at 15 weeks, this is how my body looks like...when I have the time to upload the real picture of mine,I'll post it up..

So,hubby said that I've lost my curves and my body looks more like a man..adeh..ada ka patut....
Mom on the other hand, has bought me a maternity dress,2 maternity blouses and 1 maternity jeans (super gedabak okeh!!)...Luckily all the clothes fit my liking..kalao tak...konfirm takkan pakai..Hubby plak,super excited tak sabar nak tunggu my tummy become bigger so that I can wear the maternity dress..motif?because he wants to have a good laugh..sungguh annoying...ergh..not helping sungguh...

as for my weigh...I didn't gain weigh as I've lost some during the second kira,I punya berat maintain oke..I'm a bit worried about the weigh issue as I'm carrying twin and I should gain instead of yang pasti perut memang kedepan sudah and I dah tak rasa sexy...

oh,for those who've been waiting for the ultrasound pic of the it is..hohoho..this was taken 3 weeks ago kot..the most recent malas nak upload..hahaha..

Monday, February 7, 2011

I've lost my momentum to work in my current workplace...
There's no more positive vibes..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Allah,
if anything bad ever happened to either both of us, make us strong,sane and courageous...

I stumbled upon this blog..and yes,this woman is seriously one tough woman..alone in a foreign land for her studies with a child, she's lost her husband in her arm...If I am,I don't know what will ever happen to me..for sure one thing,my parents or my in-law or both will fly ASAP to be next to me in such a hard time..

After reading her blog,it makes me want to cherished and do more fun stuffs with my beloveds..because I know,once we lost someone to death,he/she can never be with us again...I've experienced the lost of someone and it's hard...seriusly...I don't know how will I be if I lose my husband,mum,dad,nenek,kids,siblings,aunts and uncles...gosh..I don't like this feeling...I want to go hug my husband NOW!!

AL Fatihah
Cik Aji (1983-2001)
Tok Long (19**-2000)
Nek Nyang (1913-1994)

I seriusly miss all 3 of you...specially Cik Aji..T_T

Sunday, January 30, 2011

o's pregnant with fraternal twins..^_^..soon will have to go back and forth to the specialist...aiyo...specialist ada d KT je..

i've seen them..moving and yes,it's superbly exciting to see them twitching their fingers and move their lleg...o yeah o yeah...tummy is getting more visible..and I weight less than I did last month...nasib baik d HB remains the same eventhough it's below that it should be - slalu terlupa makan ubat...

still,i don't have the usual pregnancy sickness..alhamdulillah..

still can't upload pics of the twin..twin A je yg clear..Twin B agak tak clear...huhu...tak sabar nak tengok diorang bila dah kuar nanti...hohohoho

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We just got back from the ultrasound...and the first thing the doctor asked me was,''do u have twins in your family"...o yeah people!I'm pregnant with wonder my tummy is bigger than the other...

Semoga everything goes well..I want to see them healthy and bright..

Friday, January 14, 2011

secured the maid..muahahahaha..yea!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The baby is due in between late July and early August..I was thinking of hiring a maid to look for the baby and take care of the house..and it is just something that I have in my mind - I did tell hubby and he's fine with it...suddenly mom came up with the idea of taking over my late nek's bibik..she'l be sent back to Indon this April..^_^

hopefully,we'll have her since there is another family who are interested to have her too...

My late's nek bibik is seriusly the only person i could put my trust to look for my beloved child - under my dad's supervision of,she's my only hope..and hopefully she didn't ask us to pay her RM700 for her service (dad told me and mom that she asked for didn't mind about it since she does a good job with nek's house and knows how to massage..but the thing is,RM700 to me is quite ridiculous..but then tadi during dinnePublish Postr,tibe2 my dad told us that he was just joking around,he himself doesn't know her pay) we have go to my late nek's house to settle it tomorrow... seriously, I want her..and it's for the sake for my family and my baby..she can clean the house yg mmg tgh serabai skang and look for the baby...

I don't believe on sending my kids off to a nursery or to a caretaker...With the current situations revolving nursery and caretaker yg mmg,the money spent on them pun mcm lebih kurang sama je dgn amek maid...Oh dear Allah,cepat2 la tetapkan status pekerjaan suami saya... Shah Alam cepatla skit buat keje tue..ergh!!

oh ye..Tolong Ingatkan Aku macamana Ana Rafali boleh menang AJL 25...

she was my senior back then when I did my B.ed..but still...BM pronunciation die hampeh can ha?hubby said he won because her song is the only song with good value..tapi...T_T..agak menyesal tgk AJL 25 smlm...suma tak best..

update: the maid's pay is only RM400...alhamdulillah..^_^

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

People keep asking me these questions everytime they found out that I am pregnant..
"tak de muntah2 ke?","takde mengidam ke"..well,I'm lucky to not have to go through that,so far..
however,I Do get the nausea and the hateness toward certain foods..and yes! I am now a great picky eater..

Compared to the time when I was not pregnant, I eat more back then than I am now..and I still gain weight..ergh..this is so not fair...but the good news is I eat more fresh fruits,vegetables,grains and drink milk...hohoho..Mum has told me that it is good to recite more the Quraan and perform the late nite prayer (solat hajat) during pregnancy - in the hope that the baby will become a good person and a good muslim..Knowing me..hohohoho..I can only recite the Quraan..Tak baik kan..ish ish ish...

My beloved prince charming has been a really great husband a wife could ever asked for..he massages me,calm me,makes my drink,cooks me great food and gets me every little affordable but yet nonsense stuff that come into my mind..

pregnancy spoilts me, and I like it..muahahaha

Monday, January 3, 2011

I have a growing tummy..
I am happy..
but this tummy sometimes make me uncomfortable

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

2010 have given me a bitter sweet memories
and have really taught me a lesson about life..

May 2011 brings you and me
prosperity in life and love
and not forgotten, become a better person and a better Muslim