Sunday, January 30, 2011

o's pregnant with fraternal twins..^_^..soon will have to go back and forth to the specialist...aiyo...specialist ada d KT je..

i've seen them..moving and yes,it's superbly exciting to see them twitching their fingers and move their lleg...o yeah o yeah...tummy is getting more visible..and I weight less than I did last month...nasib baik d HB remains the same eventhough it's below that it should be - slalu terlupa makan ubat...

still,i don't have the usual pregnancy sickness..alhamdulillah..

still can't upload pics of the twin..twin A je yg clear..Twin B agak tak clear...huhu...tak sabar nak tengok diorang bila dah kuar nanti...hohohoho

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We just got back from the ultrasound...and the first thing the doctor asked me was,''do u have twins in your family"...o yeah people!I'm pregnant with wonder my tummy is bigger than the other...

Semoga everything goes well..I want to see them healthy and bright..

Friday, January 14, 2011

secured the maid..muahahahaha..yea!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The baby is due in between late July and early August..I was thinking of hiring a maid to look for the baby and take care of the house..and it is just something that I have in my mind - I did tell hubby and he's fine with it...suddenly mom came up with the idea of taking over my late nek's bibik..she'l be sent back to Indon this April..^_^

hopefully,we'll have her since there is another family who are interested to have her too...

My late's nek bibik is seriusly the only person i could put my trust to look for my beloved child - under my dad's supervision of,she's my only hope..and hopefully she didn't ask us to pay her RM700 for her service (dad told me and mom that she asked for didn't mind about it since she does a good job with nek's house and knows how to massage..but the thing is,RM700 to me is quite ridiculous..but then tadi during dinnePublish Postr,tibe2 my dad told us that he was just joking around,he himself doesn't know her pay) we have go to my late nek's house to settle it tomorrow... seriously, I want her..and it's for the sake for my family and my baby..she can clean the house yg mmg tgh serabai skang and look for the baby...

I don't believe on sending my kids off to a nursery or to a caretaker...With the current situations revolving nursery and caretaker yg mmg,the money spent on them pun mcm lebih kurang sama je dgn amek maid...Oh dear Allah,cepat2 la tetapkan status pekerjaan suami saya... Shah Alam cepatla skit buat keje tue..ergh!!

oh ye..Tolong Ingatkan Aku macamana Ana Rafali boleh menang AJL 25...

she was my senior back then when I did my B.ed..but still...BM pronunciation die hampeh can ha?hubby said he won because her song is the only song with good value..tapi...T_T..agak menyesal tgk AJL 25 smlm...suma tak best..

update: the maid's pay is only RM400...alhamdulillah..^_^

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

People keep asking me these questions everytime they found out that I am pregnant..
"tak de muntah2 ke?","takde mengidam ke"..well,I'm lucky to not have to go through that,so far..
however,I Do get the nausea and the hateness toward certain foods..and yes! I am now a great picky eater..

Compared to the time when I was not pregnant, I eat more back then than I am now..and I still gain weight..ergh..this is so not fair...but the good news is I eat more fresh fruits,vegetables,grains and drink milk...hohoho..Mum has told me that it is good to recite more the Quraan and perform the late nite prayer (solat hajat) during pregnancy - in the hope that the baby will become a good person and a good muslim..Knowing me..hohohoho..I can only recite the Quraan..Tak baik kan..ish ish ish...

My beloved prince charming has been a really great husband a wife could ever asked for..he massages me,calm me,makes my drink,cooks me great food and gets me every little affordable but yet nonsense stuff that come into my mind..

pregnancy spoilts me, and I like it..muahahaha

Monday, January 3, 2011

I have a growing tummy..
I am happy..
but this tummy sometimes make me uncomfortable

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

2010 have given me a bitter sweet memories
and have really taught me a lesson about life..

May 2011 brings you and me
prosperity in life and love
and not forgotten, become a better person and a better Muslim