Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Heart,
be patience for awhile
it's just another phase of life
futhermore it's not going to be for long..

Monday, October 3, 2011

'Umar & Aisyah are now 3 months and 1 week old', but mind u that they were born five weeks early...So far,both of them have started to like to respond to others, specially my mum..'Umar is chattier than Aisyah..And he is the physical type of person..'Umar can't stop moving his legs and hands - be it when he's excited or in his calm mode..It's funny to see him with his funny movement...Aisyah on the other hand is the observant... She's very calm to the point that she can stay still for a long period of time....Both of them have started showing their own personalities and both are the opposite of each other.. What more can I say, they are now the main entertainment of the house...Ever since I have them,they've become my entertainment and stress reducer..whenever I feel like crap, all I have to do is to kiss them both...

My masters class has started..As to date, the lecturer for the first subject has agreed to have class for one day perweek je i.e 9 hours of lectures cramp into one day..Yeay, I don't have to be apart from 'Umar and Aisyah..Hopefully for the next two subjects the schedule will be the same..

Hubby will leave for Skudai this Sunday...TT__TT...His PHD offer letter has finally arrived..TT__TT..This Sunday will be the start of our Long Distance Marriage (LDM)..Eventhough I hate to let him go,but for the sake of his career and our family, I have to let him go. jugak...Hopefully LDM will make our relationship stronger and he becomes the old him..Hahaha..after we are married, there're less cheesy messages coming from him..I'm crossing my fingers,so that when we are apart, I'll get my cheesy messages moment back..muahahaha..

I still have'nt started working yet..biasala,part time full time punye keje kan..kenala tunggu bila ada keje baru bleh masuk keje I wish I have permanent job so I can have definite income coming in every month to be spent happily..muahahaha...depending on allowance from hubby is no fun..T_T...