Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Umar and Aisyah's playmate, Hakeem..Hakeem is the son of my ex-colleaque, and his father was TH's ex-schoolmate...It is indeed a small world.
My Precious.....

Allah has answer all my prayers..

Friday, November 25, 2011

'Umar's godfather is getting married on January 8th..Yeay!a chance for me to visit TH at Skudai..well, did I mention that 'Umar is named in respect to TH's bestfriends - Umar and Miqdam...And Aisyah's last name is quite similar with TH's last name - Bazli , Bazilah..Well well..the next baby I want to have my best fren's name and my name on them..haha..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I just had some small talk with mum while comforting 'Umar who is sick. I told her about the call and how I am surprise with myself for not being sad or dissapointed about it. I'm also relieved to know that mum is ok with the fact that I didn't get the call. She too has the same view. I should enjoy the time that I have now to be with 'Umar and Aisyah as once I have a real job, this would be a luxury moment or something that I crave for..and is not as easy as it used to be for me and TH..but I guess, this will be the phase where we will reminiscence most.

I know, this isn't for long..We've been pampered too much and this is just Allah's way to teach us that LIFE isn't always about getting what you want..Life is a roller coaster and rainbow will not always be there for you..

'Umar demam...Ikan sepat biru TH pregnant kot..and assignment masih tak siap...oh empangan..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Di musim tengkujuh macam sekarang, memang best bila ada TH..haha..
One of my friend received the 'call' that I've been wanting to receive since I deliver 'Umar and Aisyah..Well, I didn't get any..and SURPRISINGLY! I didn't feel sad nor heartbroken for not receiving it..though deep in my heart I want it..I know that Allah has planned greater things for me and HE knows that I'll be in even stress state of mind if I have the 'call'..
This video makes me want to lose weight.....It reminds me of TH...memang takde kena mengena langsung pun since he has the hindustan looks instead of korean....

I'm Your Man by 2PM

Song of the Day

Someday by UKiss

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TH has left for Skudai..well well well, after one week together cam orang baru kahwin, letting him go sangatla menyedihkan...T_T..But what to do, this is what we've to sacrifice in exchange of a better life and future - Insyaallah...

I'm pretty much a homemaker+part-time Masters student now..Though,it is just a day class, people must've thought that I have plenty of times to do my assignment..O my O my, you are absolutely wrong...With two babies in tow,I've to sneak and ask help from my youngest sis to take care of them both..Or is it because I failed in time management?Aiyak!

I think I should start update this daily like I used to...Last year,it was pretty easy for me to come up with 4-5 pages of academic essay..Skarang ni, adui..Otak beku sudah..

As for my precious darlings, 'Umar & Aisyah are no longer need help untuk meniarap..Oh mereka sungguh besar...I've also started feeding them with pureed banana,dates,raisins or any other available fruits in the fridge..Tapi bukan in quantity yg banyak pun..The amount that I gave them tu macam celah gigi I je rasanye..Last night I steamed some spinach and pureed it - budget untuk menjadi healthy la sangat because eversince Raya Haji I ate cam garbage..Since it's purely spinach without any salt, I gave it some to Aisyah..hahaha...she made funny face and tride to spit it out..adeih..siannyela Aisyah...My mum menjerit when she saw me giving the pureed spinach to her granddaughter..katanye I menyeksa Aisyah because it looked like cow dung...Tapi memang pun..because I didn't put any salt in it, it tasted cam ugh skit...hahaha..

I can't wait for their 6-Month Birthday, sebab by then I can start make baby food for them seriously..sekarang ni cam boleh bagi buah buah je..tak berani lagi nak bagi bubur or nestum ke since they are premature babies...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Umar and Aisyah are now 4 months and many days....Both are playful and cheekish...cepatnye masa berlalu..rasa macam they are still kicking in my tummy...

Thursday, November 3, 2011