Thursday, December 29, 2011

no offence..but seriusly..Ombak Rindu sangat membosankan..Tak best pun!I've read the novel usual,the original manuscript wins!o yeah!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Malam ni memang banyak yang nak diutarakan..adakah ini akibat enam ulasan rencana akademik yang dilakukan sepanjang minggu ini?oh mungkin juga..

Trend zaman skarang adalah untuk menamakan anak-anak dengan nama-nama cool yang tidak bercirikan kemelayuan dan keislamanan..hahaha.adakah saya paku dulang paku serpih,cakap orang dia pun lebih?

Oh bukanlah begitu..cuma,saya cukup tidak gemar melihat nama-nama seperti alehandra,qistina,daniel,amanda,isabella....oke..senang cite,common names yang banyak digunakan oleh agama lain..Nama2 yang mempunyai pengaruh dan ciri2 agama lain memang saya cukup tidak gemar....hmm...cume,entah ye..bukankah lebih bagus if anak2 itu dinamakan dengan nama2 sahabat nabi2,isteri nabi2 ke..aish..siapalah saya untuk mengutarakan hal ini..tapi ingatlah,nama melambangkan keperibadian..dan nama akan dibawa sehingga ke akhirat kelak..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The last time I had my facial was during my 4th months of pregnancy...The blackheads have been having fun-time on my nose for nearly a year..So,I went for a facial at around 3pm..

The place where I had my facial, was having a demo for one cosmetic range..The demonstrator told the women that their range has been in the market for 10 years and is famous in KL and bla bla bla...As any other demonstrator would do,the woman in charge told that the skin range she demonstrated will make one's skin moists,removes all the whiteheads and one will not have to wear any foundation..How did I hear all these interesting facts?The salon I went was a small shop (they are very nice and good)..They only have one room for the facial..So the bed next to me was used by the demonstrator..Those who are interested will get their face done for free..Done here means she washed the face,did some analysis on skin type, scrubbed,put on toner,moisturizer and UV cream..

I don't have any bad perception on local brand or believe that expensive skin range will guarantee one's skin to be better and flawless. I always believe that, to get a great skin you must work hard for it - it is for me..Experience taught me that if I drink enough water and exercise, my skin condition will improve. Other than that,my skin will glow whenever I am happy,get enough rest,eat healthy and drink the smelly snakehead (haruan) essence...

Ever since I quit my job and become a full time house wife part time weekend student..I don't wash my face with the facial cleanser,I don't wear any moisturizer and practice the old skin regime (day cream,night cream)..I only wear my vit e cream occasionally, whenever I feel like I want to be pretty..hahaha..I was sure that the kakak will give me bad comments about my skin..Surprisingly, she didn't..In fact she told me that I have great skin minus the blackhead..oh bangga sekejap tao!..but again,this proves that, when you go for au natural way like I did (not relying on any skin range), it helps...rasa rasanyala..Don''t overuse your skin range..Chemical will worsen the condition of your skin..minimalize the use of chemical on your face and Insyaallah it will make you look younger..^_^

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dungun has been hit with the worse rainy season in 50 years..The waves is so strong that it affects the condition of the beach..part of the road along the beach is now left with one lane only (that was as for yesterday, today I don't know)...Mum,dad and Ina went to check the wave just now,they said it was big and there's no sign of slowing down...Hopefully,it won't be for long....

'Umar and Aisyah are now 6th month...Nothing extraordinary done to celebrate their 6th month of life..We just went out to check the condition of the beach je since mummy wanted to see the beach...aish,tengok dari kamera je mana cukup..bibik sampai sudah tak berani nak ikut..tahpaper ntah...Hubby's in the house..o yeah!!

pic credit:wikipidea

Dulu Hana Tajima, tak lama lagi Dian Pelangi la take place...

They are blessed with great looks and that's why girls are following their trend..If Tajima and Pelangi look like shrek when they don their hijab, will girls follow them?I don't think so...If the dresses/clothes/attires Tajima and Pelangi put make their body look ugly,will they become the trendsetter?I don't think so..

What I'm trying to say here is,people with good looks will always look good in whatever they wear. As for the ugly one (I'm one of them), we've to look and consider many things to make ourselves look pretty....nevertheless, young peeps..please be the real you..I'm tired of seeing girls with malfunction muslim attire..Annoying la..

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I can't wait for February..hopefully it will be a new start for US..
I still have another 4kgs to get back my wedding weight....auuum!!!
and 7kgs for my ideal weight...
'Umar & Aisyah,cepatla jadi berat lg and reti berpegang kuat so mummy can use u guys as the plates for mummy's dumbbell..haha

Monday, December 19, 2011

I've watched 'Catched me I'm in Love" and I fell in love with Gerald Anderson..muahahaha

To whom it may concern:

When I saw this 16 years old picture of Hugh Jackman ,
It reminds me of you..and the smile u had over my stupid jokes..
Thank you..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I feel like losing hope..
everything didn't go the way I want it to be...
But I won't...
I have a great husband..
adorable funny kids..
and supportive family..
I have to be strong..
Super Strong!

Monday, December 12, 2011

hubby has gone for Skudai..again..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My small family has been blessed with another blessing...
But, due to my health reason, LDR with TH,and commitment to 'Umar & Aisyah..We've to pass it..
May we be blessed with the same blessing again in the future...