Saturday, March 31, 2012

The ulcers are still there and I do not know when will it heal..However, the pain has decreased..Thanks to Oral Aid and Uphalexin...During class today, Kak Khai and Didi suggested winter melon frost.. They said it's super effective in healing ulcers..Will try that winter melon frost thingy next time..

I rarely get sick, even when I was pregnant with Umar and Aisyah, the sickest I get was mild headache..This time, I got sick real bad..I'm down with ulcers,fever,headache,gum ache,back pain and nausea..Mom told me that this is Allah's way to forgive all my past mistakes and sins...hmm...If that's the case, saya sesungguhnye redha dan menerima segalanye dengan pasrah dan akan berusaha lebih tekun untk menjadi a better muslim..

Aiyak, TH is bugging me with "aish,cepatla..nak guna laptop ni" since I'm using his..


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm having ulcers and my siblings keep on telling me to dab salt to it...I used to have the courage to put salt into my ulcer during my single years, but not now...only bibik's advice to dab pure honey to d ulcers je yang berani dicuba..Ingatkan tak sakit, rupe2nye sakit jugak!!...So, since yesterday I gargle with cold salt water as often os possible..Last night,'Umar accidentally punched exactly at the place where the ulcers are..and yes!it brought me to tears...I thought I can handle it,yet NO...I cried macam budak tak dapat ice cream...'Umar looked at me with the what's-my-fault-mummy face and then laugh at me...sampai hati Umar!! T_T

My Master's class has started..phuh..I just need to be patience for a June '12 no more class and 100% focus on my dissertation..My initial plan was to kill 2 birds with one stone..tapi malangnye,after considering factors such as my kids,and TH's well being..I decided to hold on till next semester...huhu..furthermore,there'll be no fun if I graduate alone..Yuha,Didi and Lala wants to do their dissertation next semester..Grad Master's kenala reramai, barula sejiwa..kekeke

Life has never been as peaceful as it is now - though sometimes I lose my temper jugak bila Aisyah started throwing tantrum....Hopefully this peaceful feeling will stay forever..Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah for granting my every wish for this year..^_^

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I don't get it why people can be soo SELFISH to the point that they only think about themselves,themselves,themselves,their reputation,their reputation,their reputation....this kind of people are so fake and plastic and bla bla bla bla...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

For two days, my happy moments were when I had to wash my kids bottom..
I really am living a simple life..Well, the truth is, I felt happier now compared to when I was working and had monthly income..There were always these ''oh,I don't have enough money to spent'', ''how I wish I have more money to spent''..Now, after being a half time housewife, money doesn't become my top priority anymore..I'm happier, and am getting more surprised gifts and free clothes from TH..I wish, this will be forever..Hahaha...ya right..I definitely have to work once I'm done with my masters classes...O yeah!one semester left, and then I'll be paid more than I used to..Hopefully, I get to work at the same place with my darling I wish..TH's new workplace sounds fun and generous..kekeke...