Saturday, June 23, 2012

Am currently with a job..
Yes, Alhamdulillah, the sending of resume will be stop till the later date..

Now, the only problem is, BIBIK..
oh,plis make it fast ayah..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am a working mom!

Alhamdulillah, most of my wishes for this year have been granted way before my expectation..The only wish left is to be graduate by July..That wish for sure has to be postponed for December...Nevertheless, Alhamdulillah..I am more happy than I used to when I wrote the list...^_^


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hopefully, I won't received any call from the other party,
If I do, I don't know how to answer them..

* the other party called..and yes it is rather dissapointing when they offered me less than I should be received...nevertheless,alhamdulillah

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh my..I'm so exhausted..I really in need of a bibik..The 'bibik' we used to have has gone back for good to Lambok..The initial plan was,she's going back for a month je..The problem is, my dad decided to not buy her return ticket..memang la will be fat chance die tak blk kan?now me and mum are having SUPERBLY HUMONGOUS PROBLEM..we are tired..extremely tired..why?there are so many things to do,and taken care of...Hopefully dad will start looking for a new bibik soon..

Aisyah was admitted for a night on the 12th - age tro dysentry...The lab result isn't out yet,but she's discharged earlier as she showed no signs of sickness..The only problem was and is her poo poo..Oke..The problem started showing last Sunday..Usually her poo poo smelled like poo poo and has consistency of a good poo poo..But ever since Sunday, her poo poo started having jelly-like mucus, very runny, and on Tuesday,she started having blood..Though the blood was not really visible pun..STILL! it is red...Despite that,Aisyah was active as usual...Alhamdulillah..

Tomorrow,we'll be newlywed again..hahaha.Aisyah & Umar will be tagging along their nenek to Gombak..yeay!

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am 1kg shy from my wedding weight..
lost 3 inch for waist..but gain somewhat around 1.5 inch each for bust and hip..hmmm...

Friday, June 8, 2012

I need a break..
A getaway..
just me and myself

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The moment will surely arrive when you suddenly lost the feeling and never regret for having such feeling and the decision you've made...It's part of what life is..

For sure, I will still have my godsend Umar Aisyah for as long as Allah wants it to be..

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Last week was a tired week..The beginning of the week was spent with me key-ing SPSS data - 600..up until now the number of data I've managed to key in was 401 baru..Then on Thursday we went to JB and spend two nights..The food was so cheap and tasty..haha..makan jela kan aku ni..But being someone like me who live in a place where the food taste blurgh and expensive I am surely will mentioned about cheap food that tasted great at somewhere else..I rather be sweating cooking than spend my money eating blurgh tasting food in Dungun..You can actually count the number of tasty food stall in Dungun that sells good food...

So, being able to tag along TH to JB was a great opportunity for me and the kids to get away from this superbly boring DUNGUN...oh,my mum and siblings tag along too..hahaha..bila masa lagila kan nak ke JB if not because tagging along TH or attending kenduri kahwin..oh btw, The Manhattan Fish Market kat Tebrau city punye service sucks!ada ke patut we waited for like an hour an half..memang surely will not eating at the outlet lagi..

As to recap the week, we attended TH's female colleaque punye kenduri kesyukuran..So, in east coast, wedding reception for the groom's side is known as kenduri kesyukuran...It was Aisyah's 2nd kenduri kahwin, and Umar's 1st..It was a very low key reception..No stagering eye catching dais, elaborated khemah nor foods..It was really a low key..I hadn't had the chance to taste the food as it was running low..So TH offered me to chose any place for my lunch..I wanted SR..but, biasala die kan, when it comes to Mesra Mall, die memangla sangat tak suka nak pergi sana...We ended up eating at MCD..TH's fav..

Oh!My masters class is 3 weeks away je untuk dihabiskan..o Yeah!!!