Monday, July 30, 2012

I went for my depo injection last Saturday..While waiting for the doctor, I weighted myself..Guess what, I am waaaay lighter than my wedding weight..muahahahahahaha...Bahagia gile rasa!hahahaha...yeay!! I'm in the normal BMI range sudah..Another 4kgs to go and then I'll stop...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The best birthday present ever!
akan senyum ke telinga sampai sebulan..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So, it's the 6th week of the semester, 2 weeks away from having a maid again, and 4 weeks of tiring weekdays..Still surviving, just hoping that I was offered a job at TH's..Yesterday, right after my isya' prayer, TH's boss asked him to pass my resume to this particular person so that this person can send it right to the Rector since he's going to meet him anyway...I was pretty shocked when I heard it because after my Isya' prayer, I asked for Allah to give me a chance of working at TH's..Has my prayer been answered, pretty much I guess so..

It's not that I don't like working in my current workplace, it's just I don't like to have to see that particular person that I don't like..The person that has caused me so much pain and hatred..which is completely not me..I don't usually hate a person to the point that I wish him/her be a doremon..But this time, I'm having this feeling which is soooooo not gut gut..Aiyak, but this is life isn't it..Rainbow will not always be there for u..

So, 'Umar can finally walk on his own..He started making steps like 3 days after his first birthday, but only this week I guess that he started to be able to really walk for a long distance..As for Aisyah, yup, still taking her time..She can walk, but decides not to walk yet..Oh, we call her YB now, because whenever she saw the family members or strangers that she like, she will raise her hand in Nazi motion and smile..Funny isn't it?

Yeay Sunday is a public holiday because Terengganu won the SUKMA..yeay!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Alhamdulillah..I've been working for 3 weeks, and so far I survive - tapi penat sangat....As for the bibik thingy, I've paid the deposit for the maid, hopefully the bibik will arrive soon..This is the first time i deal on my own..Before, it was dad, now me..Semoga tak tertipu sebab I used my own money..banyak kot!..kalao tertipu memang akan nangis..T_T..semoga tak, sbb agent tu nampak like someone yang bleh dipercayai..

This semester, 24 ATA..It is tiring..sangat kot!3 classes of the 1st semester and 1 class of the 3rd semester..As usual, there'll be students yang sangat annoying..tapi this time around, these kids cam "I'm cool cos I'm from KL" oh annoying..How dare them gave me stupid excuse for not coming to my class "I tot the lecturer will not come because for the last 2 weeks no one came for our class" or " I just arrive from KL last nite" (hello,u arrive a day late kot) or "oh sorry, I overslept"..kengkonon best la kan kaorang tu sbb dari Lembah Klang?hello, kao English terabur jgn nak eksen sgt dgn aku..Argh!stressful oke when I have to see their face..Lucky me, coz their classmates sangat la tak cam dorang..I might turn to Zeti the Meti kot towards them..hahaha..oh evil no no...

Oh, birthday is days away hubby, I want S3 can?haha...this will be his reply "IN YOUR DREAM SAYANG"

Monday, July 2, 2012

So, it's been 8 days..fulamak..Life is hectic I would say..So many things and I'm taking it slowly as not wanting to make life stressful...Good Idea eh? So, this semester I have 24 HOURS ATA...crazy?yes!...3 classes of BEL120 and 1 class for am I going to survive this semester..

I still have 1 group assignment for Dr.E's subject..The submission date is this Sunday..Oiyo..Everything now seems very blury..I just live my life on a short term goal purpose..So far, things pretty oke, minus the boring feeling that always come due to the my so boring routine..

Aisyah and Umar have turned 1..TH bought them the plastic pool available at Toy 'r Us...The same for Ina..while mum bought them a push car each..Aisyah is very expressive, and her reaction when she was given the car was so precious..It was so funny and yet soooo pure..

Many things happened since I started working, and thankfully all those things were for good reasons aje..Alhamdulillah..Oh pay day, can u come faster?hahaha..