Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sesiapa yg beriman kpd Allah dan hari akhirat hendaklah memuliakan tetamu dgn memberi layanan kpd mereka.Sahabat bertanya"Apakah layanan itu wahai Rasulullah?" Rasulullah menjawab "Layanan istimewa sehari semalam,dan tempoh layanan sebagai tetamu hendaklah dalam masa tiga hari,layanan yang diberi selepas tempoh itu dikira sedekah."

Monday, August 13, 2012

I have yet another 3 months for the final submission of my M.ed dissertation..my friends have started being busy with their questionnaire..and me, still stuck with the alteration of my chap 1,3..chapter 2 lagila tak bergerak2..Only the questionnaire is done..still, tak sure mana pun it will be approved..sigh...stressing out for raya, the maid (still has not arrived) and now dissertation..O Allah, please o please, give me the strength and courage to submit my dissertation on the date of the submission..T_T..I want to buy a car, so in order to do so I've to graduate..T_T..bleh ke ni nak grad by end of this year..T_T...T_T..T_T..T_T