Saturday, January 19, 2013

Oke fine..I've been conned by my agent..Fine! And the best thing is, I can't lodge any police report or take any legal action because all her details are in the stollen laptop and the broken motherboard of my handphone..ergh..I shouldve backup the data first before sending it to the centre..T_T..takpela NUR AiDA a.k.a pembekal maid a.k.a penjual samprit umie's delicacies..Ur life pastinye akan tidak aman and bahagia sebab menipu orang dan mengambil duit org for a living..Kite jumpa di padang masyar je nanti eh..

Friday, January 4, 2013

My maternal instinct as in wanting to be pregnant again has kicked in..Oh tidak! Is it because I've been surrounded with mommies-to-be? or because I've been having the kind of sicknesses face by mommy-to-be + hubby's craving for certain food and item..I'm on depo and Yes! I've done the UPT test and it's negative... Whatever it is, we've to wait until TH finishes his PHD, the soonest la..Or till Umar and Aisyah turn 4-5 kot..We want like 4-5..But I feel like wanting to settle at 4 and stop producing at the age 35 max..I don't want to be 40 and still have baby..Oh no no no...I want me at 40 with the opportunity to settle down, be free to go for a vacation and do not have to worry of sending the kids to nursery nor their diapers..So far, it's kinda worrying plus heartbreaking to send Umar and Aisyah to the nursery.. Yes, they cry like as if I'm leaving them for forever.. But TH, being him, assured me that this is just a phase that both of them need to go through plus many kids their age have gone through the phase and survived...Though on the outside I acted like I'm their step-mother (the screaming and the nag), being their mom I think it is natural to have that worrying thought..Aish...I've to be strong and a lot more studier..hahaha..speaking of my disertation, I DO NOT KNOW how am I going to finish it..hahaha..For the time being, I go with the flow hoping my chapter 2 will miraclely be done..haha..