Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's March 11,2014, 10.33pm..It's been nearly 4 days since MH370 gone mysteriously..This is truely a sad moment for Malaysian.Though I know no one on the plane, it somehow affected me..I keep on thinking of them, of their feeling,their well being,their loved ones..

And another thing, How can a big jetliner such as it be gone in a bleep without any trace? Kan?

As a muslim, this relates back to what the religion teaches us..Everyting is on Allah's will..Everyting happens on his will.

I pray that this mystery be unveil very very soon...Let the families's agony be ended..The waiting must be a torture to them..

Monday, March 3, 2014

Alhamdulillah, our eyes are getting wayy better as compared to yesterday morning..I was already like damn sure of a visit to the specialist..The itchyness and the pain were like unbearable yesterday, eventhough I survived from not poking it out..hahahahahahaha...

After Magrib, we went again to the clinic.This time it's for TH since he refused get his eyes treated during my first visit to the clinic..But then yesterday, he could'nt stand longer the pain and so we went..After the visit, we went to my parent's..My mom will always be the most excited person whenever I informed her that we're going back to her place or I asked her to take care of 'Umar and Aisyah for a while (it's always for a week..hahaha) so that we can settle many things/works that need to be done...Sometimes or always she'll be the one who kinda request to take care of the twins..Hehehehe...Her request is always be the most favorite request I'm willing to obliged to..hahahaha..Nevertheless, without her,my dad and my siblings, TH and I won't be able to do all the fun things we've done during the absent of the twins..kekekekeke...Itula untungnye ada parents duduk dekat..

2014 is the year of the Houses..I am proud to say that I am the owner to two houses..We managed to fork some money to pay for the deposit of the two houses..Alhamdulillah..The first house is currently under renovation..While the second house, though it has formally listed under my name, I still haven't got the key yet..Both houses will be rented..It's an investment for future days..House price in Kemaman is very expensive..If we didn't buy it now, I don't know if we can afford to buy it...Both houses are 2-storey terrace house..It's the mid range punya type..bolehla to be rented to newly wed..Jadilaa dari takde kan?

So,we are still renting..The house where will be our resident will be TH's..It's TH's because the loan is made under his name considering his paycheck is way bigger than mine..The house dah boleh nampak dah bayangnye..As you can see it's already around 70% completion kot..Ours is not the corner lot..It's a semi-d, ours located in the middle of the row...The corner lot is extra RM100k if not mistaken.Mana taknye, tanah sangat besar sebab boleh buat satu rumah lagi..

Now, we are really into house deco punye websites and books..I think by the end of this house project, I guess we will be like walking encyclopedia for all house appliances,contractors, and material..

Hopefully,we'll get through this without many money problems..This has used up a lot of our money and will do so for quite some times..Hopefully, we'll survived..People will/have call/called us crazy for buying 3 houses at the same times..But to us, if there's a will, there's a way..Kan? Insyaallah we'll survive this...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

So, I've been down with conjunctivitis since Monday..By Tuesday evening it seemed like it's getting better..I don't like to do nothing when I know that a pile of responsibilities are waiting for me back at the office.So later that evening at 8pm I went to an event organized by my department and went for work as usual the day after..However, by noon, my eyes started being cranky..The pain, and itchyness were annoying..and I thought, maybe because I didn't take the pill for the noon..So, I went home to take my pills and call it a day..I was wrong...the pain and itchyness didn't go away..Ini memang satu dugaan...Today is Saturday and my left eye is red as reddish..It's watery,very itchy and somwwhat numb.. ..Went to the doctor again last Thursday and she prescribed me with 5days antibiotics..hopefully, this will all gone by tomorrow as I have invigilating task tomorrow and I don't want it to be irrigated..

SPeaking of that, I have this very funny yet eye opening story to share..Supposedly I have invigilating task last Thursday,since my sickness is contagious (the doctor said so and she gave me MCs to proved it) I asked around from my friends some help - to replace me for the task, and I'll do the same for them when their times come..Soooo, I asked this friend of mine for help...Guess what, automatically she said nooo because she's going back to a one-hour-drive place at 4.30..A shock it was because the tasks end at 5.00pm..And oke i went for her reply..Luckily,this one friend didn't mind taking over the task for me..

This incident has really changed my perceptions on the helping-others motto..I think I was in shocked for that kind of reply because I think I will not mind helping a friend for such kind of help..Furthermore, an-hour drive is a very short drive..Again, maybe because deep in me,I hope she'll repay all the kindness I've done toward her..Sooo,this has taught me to never expect my kindness to be repaid..kan?It is better to expect anything than being your expectation to be crushed...sentap sangat tao tak...nevertheless, hopefully my eye will get better..My next appointment will be tomorrow..If it's not getting better, my GP has to refer to specialist whom she said will irrigate my eyes...aish,perlu la kan kao btao..

Oh,my ex has removed me from his FB friends list..tak cool l you for removing me..huh..