Thursday, May 8, 2014

I'm pregnant..again..Alhamdulillah..This is a surprise as we were kinda planning not have one since TH is still not done with his PHD yet..Nevertheless,we are taking this as a blessing..^_^.So, currently I'm at 5 weeks, have gained 4kgs and 6 inches..Baaannyaaaakkk gile kan??!!!!..It's kinda ridiculous for me to gain such amount of weight and waistline in a month!! Kan? I do not know how these unwanted kgs and inches manage to be part of me since i eat like usual, exercised like usual bfore i found out my pregnancy..Hopefully all the kgs and inches will run when the baby is born..Those who know my pregnancy congratulated and hope that dis time it is still a twins pregnancy...Kalao dapat,alhamdulillah..kalap x dapat, alhamdulillah jugaj..hehehe..

Hopefully this pregnancy will be as smooth sailing like d previous one..amiinn